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Where to begin? Like we say on our Home Page... This is A True Story. Over the years, people who really know Joyce and I have encouraged us to write a book (see sample chapters below) or make a movie about our exploits. That's what this site is all about... it's a vehicle designed to help turn the story into a TV series like The Sopranos, only it's us, the good guys, against the mob... Cinéma Vérité and Poetic Justice!

We're in the process of writing a book... you'll be able to read it on your PC, LapTop and other devices... once we put it online. We're considering selling it for $10 or even less. We're thinking about having a Blog. Love to have your feedback... our email address is at the bottom of every page.

Eventually, we'll develop a screenplay. Towards that end, we're looking to hookup with people that can help (and believe me... I need all the help I can get)... you know... a publisher, an angel (aka: a money man), a screenplay writer, an agent, an A List director and a couple of A List actors and/or actresses... whatever.

Once I get the book finished, I figure we'll spend 3 - 4 months out in LA working on the screenplay with our friends (those that are still breathing in and out anyway). You know... Byron Kruger, Nick the Greek, Freddy the Cuban, Lenny Espo and others we worked with (or should I say, robbed with?).

We also have an excellent finished Treatment which we'll gladly submit to interested, qualified parties.

Anyway, we're reaching out. Any help will be appreciated and rewarded. Spread the word!

Go Easy and Stay Well,


Sample Chapters/Scenes

Meet Nick and Joyce
AC, Philly and Miami
Off to Las Vegas
Nick and Billy Hook Up
1st Workout
Mint Casino
Byron and Jackie
Louie the Greek / Study Law

The Kook
Manny Kimmel
Basic Strategy
Uncheatable DI
A Message
Sam The Hammer
Bonanza & Stardust Coolers
An Island

Bad Play
A Message
She Really Loves You
Diamonds Switch
Beverly Hills Friars Club
Jackie / Carpet
Mucking Cards: 4 Decks Shoes
Last Talk / The End

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Contact - Tina Marie - tina@takinglasvegas.com / phone 267-519-2222 (in Philadelphia)

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