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Note: While we have yet to fully identify the story line and twists. Below you will find a list of some topics, sorta like teasers, arranged by year.

Be sure to check out the Doyle Brunson and Puggy Pearson link listed under the 1980's column and there's a Tom Jones Bust link in the 1970's column below... check it out too. It's a funny story. You'll get a kick out of it.

Anyway, stop back every now and again. Let us know what you think... our contact info is at the bottom of every page.

Key Events Index by Decade

    Back to Chiefies Poker Room  -  Tom Jones Bust
    Gift City & Xmas City  -  Nick's Luncheonette
    Health Food Store Fire  -  Son Jesse 3/3/72
    7th Street Discount  -  Chinese Restaurant Fight
    Louie Agnes and Micky Diamond Move In
    Hilton Jewelry Store  -  Meat Scam / Joyce
    Salvie / Cigarettes / Roof  -  Joyce Nails Shoplifter
    Hunka Cheese and Peanut Beatings
    Daughter Tina 11/4/76  -  Larry the Bookie
    Snatch Nephews  -  SW Corner Store Fire
    Arson Suspected  -  Relocate NE Corner
    Daughter Cara 10/11/79
    Mob War: Godfather Slain  -  West Coast Crew
    Mustard Fight  -  NE Corner Store Xmas Eve
    Ski - Record A Vacation  - Blackjack Video
    Video Store  -  Bekind Rewind
    Doyle Brunson and Puggy Pearson
    Kenny's Heart Attack  -  Dr. Little Joe
    Joyce Beats Up Neighbor  -  Bricks, Fight, Guns
    Mob Guys, Nicky Crow & Junior Staino
    Cops & Fire Truck  -  Mobster Asks Permission
    2 Wong's Don't Make a Wright
    Cat Burglar & Cops  - Pro Chess Video Scarfo
    Wall Street Offer  -  Color Purple April 1st
    Scarfo Invite  -  FBI, IRS & OCB

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Taking Las Vegas Home

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