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The Players
Note: Some names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Main Characters:

    Nicky - Stan Nicoletti - aka: Nick Daniels - 25, Ex-Marine, "Old School" Italian American from South Philly, Card Hustler, Dealer and Casino Thief... Nicky loves cheating casinos... especially those owned by mobsters... figures it's poetic justice... and he gets away with it. On his arm there's a tattoo that reads... "Death Before Dishonor" USMC... he's bound and determined to live up to it. After all... an honorable thief doesn't steal from anyone he's not supposed to.

    Joyce - 25, Nicky's wife, also Italian American from Yonkers, NY... a drop dead gorgeous and a stunning dancer... poetry in motion. Big blue eyes, the cutest button nose, full and luscious lips, high cheek bones, short blond pixie hair, bumps and curves in all the right places and a great ass, the nicest ass you ever saw. Also a total ditz, about blackjack. Perfect for rounding pit bosses and spotters while Nicky's doing his thing.

Key Characters:

    Billy Douglas - aka: Billy Morgan - 45, Nicky's mentor and Top Gun in the world of casino thieves, top card man alive, trained under Titanic Thompson himself. You'll remember Titanic as the Damon Runyon character Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls played by Marlon Brando. Nicky is Billy's top student, and loves it.

    Byron Kruger - aka: B - 23, Dealer and Casino Thief and one of Nicky's running mates. Byron's a top notch golfer, played on his college team and taught at the semi-pro level. The pit bosses were always hounding him for pointers, which was of extreme benefit in the overall scheme of things. Caught quite a few very successful coolers.

    A cooler is a stacked deck, can't lose... Nicky kicks in a 4 deck shoe... Byron, the dealer, catches it... Donny steers the play from third base... Sam the Hammer takes the money off... 32k.... and Joyce... playing a shill... sits there looking amazed and adorable... distracting the pit bosses.

Secondary Characters:

    Sam Manfredo - aka: The Hammer - 55, Made mob boss, top loan shark in town, take-off man for coolers. Deep set eyes, bushy eyebrows and the map of Italy all over his face. A hard nosed and an extremely dangerous man. Nicky had a serious run in with him.

    Emanuel Kimmel - aka: Manny - 50ish, count player, take-off man, owned parking lots in NYC. An illegal bookie, perhaps the biggest horseracing bookmaker in New York at one time. Manny is also known for his early forays into card counting, as the Mr. X in the classic book on card counting, Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp. Nicky and Bryon give him the hole card and the top card coming off the deck. Manny also founded Time Warner, but that's a whole 'nother story.

    The "Kook" - 40ish, count player, take-off man, ex-convict. Nicky and Bryon also give him the hole card and the top card coming off the deck. Was involved, with Billy, in the Friar's Club in LA card cheating debacle.

    Donny Bishop - 23, Casino Thief, skirt chaser, take-off and outside man also from Philly. Nicky's running (stealing) mate. Helps Nicky organize and steer several plays.

    Lenny Espo - aka: Moose - 32, Nicky's buddy from Brooklyn, dealer, take-off man. Nicky, Byron and Lenny loved shooting skeet and going out to the desert at night and spotlighting jack rabbits... in those days you only had to drive a couple of miles.

    Jackie Cappozzie - aka: Mapachie - 23, Byron's friend from college, total blank, wanna be thief, connected. His uncle was a capo in a New England family. He was also a serious weight lifter and former Mr. California.

    Freddie Quintalan - aka: The Cuban - 24, Dealer and Casino Thief. Had to leave (escape) Cuba during the Castro thing. Came from a well placed family.

    Nick Pappas - aka: The Greek - 42, Casino Thief, take-off man. Big man, hard core and loyal.

    Black Nicky - 27, Another of Billy's students. Sly and the Famliy Stone take down with Amarillo Slim. Took all their money, and instruments!

    Harry Crowe - The Mint Casino Boss, who knew Nicky and Byron were dealing off, but didn't care because they both wacked out other players for the casino's benefit, to keep their hold percentage higher than all the other dealers.

    Chris Montana - aka: "Motor Mouth" - 40ish, Fremont Casino boss who was sure Nicky and Bryon were dealing off, but couldn't figure out how, or convince any other bosses.

    Background Characters and Fill-Ins: Any assortment: dancers, dealers, hookers, floor men, pit bosses, shills, take-off men, et cetera.

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